A good screen recording software?

Does anyone know of a good screen recording software?
(If I’ve violated any forum rules,forgive me)

Are we ſtill ſuppoſed to forgive you if not?

I have Win 10, but I don’t like the built-in recorder, ſo I uſe ShareX. I think there was an old topic about ſcreen recorders, ſo there might be ſome good info there, if you can find it.


I use Bandicam, it’s pretty lag through

Would recommend using OBS Studios


Thanks dude.

Well,a few bumped topics are under my belt.

I use OBS only for streaming. For recording I use my videocard built-in software.

I’m using many recording software.

Fraps,OBS, XSplit, Shadowplay

All my videos are from OBS and use shotcut to edit

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