A forum app


Is it possible to make a CIU Forum app on the app/play store as its really hard to catch up on the browser on my phone If possible. Thank you


GOOD IDEA! But making it compataible with tapatalk is much easier


i dont think that iA are currently capable of making an app and if they were capable why would they the ci community is small so theres no need


There is, however, a need to punctuäte on occaſion.


Yeah, they are a small team… So they arent fast. Until a few weeks I was think they abandoned whole chicken invaders games. Thats why I am hyped. I think old community will back when they publish the game. Game will need some advertising in my opinion. Until community get bigger, we wont have a tapatalk compataible forum or a special app.


The Chicken Invaders games overall have been fading into obscurity in the recent years.

Unless CIU manages to break this trend.


As I said, I was thinking they abandoned this project until before a few weeks.