A few ideas

1-If someone buyes all the musics in the game and view the musics to select a one in Wave Music and Boss Rush music, there would be a lot of musics that we have to scroll down the screen to view them, so I suggest 3 options that when we click on them, they view the musics of C13, CI4 and CI5, one that views CI3 musics only and so on.
2-Make the Contacts’ dots appear in a different color in the game map.
3-Add an option in the game map that only shows the droids nearby the player.
4-A new medal “Perfect Destroyer”: Awarded for compeleting every wave 100% in a mission(not awarded when completing boss rush missions).
5-“Gluttonous Eater” medal: Awarded for eating all of the food in a single mission.
6-“Coin Collector” medal: Awarded for collecting every single coin in a single mission.
7-Make the types of Heat Sinks/Engine/Reactor appear in comparation, like Uncommon, Rare and Legendary types.
8-Make a remake of CI2, just like “120th Anniversary” of CI1 because the theme music of CI2 in the only memory from CI2 that is in CIU.
“The King of Weapons” medal: Awarded for buying all the weapons and upgrading them to their maximum level(if a new weapon gets added in a update the medal should be removed with a message appearing to the player to inform him about the new weapon).
9-Make an option to play random musics in 120th Anniversary mission(one for wave musics and another for boss musics).

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Contacts already have a different icon on the map, and collecting all of the food/coins wouldn’t be possible in many cases

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I know, but to be more special and that’s the point of the medals, they’re supposed to be hard to get.

Already Suggested (maybe)

Almost impossible
And you need to check your grammar

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