A Few Ideas That's Been Stuck In My Head

New Mountable: dying only costs you one of your lives and you can keep shooting. Invincibility frames after taking damage or not is your choice IA4.

Shops: if im in a system where a gus’s gas exists the fuel i buy from the general store should have the price of that gus’s gas im near to, and it should consider the fluctuation price too.

Though this might go against some of the adventuring tone of the game. It’s just cute to park by a gas station and fuel you spaceship.

Queue travel: queue traveling between star systems.

Like when you hold control and select two files on your desktop, here you can select two systems and have your spacecraft travel between both. Would still not make off road obsolete since it’s the same as interstellar travel and is still as slow.

Weapon: a mish mash of everything.

This weapon will shoot any projectile based on the three last gifts you grabbed.

Im not too deep into the mechanics of this game so I could not talk about the damage it should deal or the fire rate.

Daily reward system: gives daily rewards like food, keys, insights since they’re already cheap, +1 firepower for that day, lives, mountables, score and perishables, one-time use satellite for that day, if the spaceship can hold more than 2-3 satellite they will get two (too op you might wanna consider one satellite over this one).

If a player plays for a year or more, they will get a random space ship as compensation for their endurance and loyalty to the united hero forces, preferably one of the lower tiers of space ships. Also too op but one year should be worth it right?

To make sure no one exploits these daily challenges, you must make sure the week prior, they had played the game enough through the scores, keys, food they’ve achieved or missions they finished which could again be exploited by playing short mission. For that, you just count the amount of waves they’ve finished.

e.g 50 waves finished the player will be qualified, or something similar just to make sure bots don’t exploit it.

The rewards shouldn’t be worth exploiting though, but just to make sure you know, it doesn’t have to be 50 waves could be about 20.

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Im sorry some of the texts are bolded for no reason im using my phone to make this post forgive me for the bad quality and bad english.

This better be disabled on competitive missions. Might want to do the same for other stuff but I’m not sure.

Hmm. I supoose that if you’re directly docked to a Gus’s Gas, maybe the fuel prices should depend on that even if you’re inside of galactic store. Might as well apply this to all regional stores. But otherwise this isn’t that useful.

The weapon suggestion and the mountable suggestion sound like they’d be broken/hard to balance.

The one suggestion I like from this post, however, is this:

I don’t think that would be fair, we can just smash into another projectile right after we just did to another, so that’s why Invulnerability effect is needed when getting back to fight.

Yes that’s why i frames shouldn’t exist but after all it would be meaningless

Is one or two mountables too powerful per week? I don’t play this game all day you guys do so you tell me.

And yeah one firepower+1 should be disabled on comp missions, but it’s for one day i hope they add it.

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