A fake chicken invaders 4 game in google play store

I just found that while randomly looking things in google play, @InterAction_studios can you remove that game please…?

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Those bootlegs can only be removed by reporting them. I don’t think it’s that much worth it anyway since most of them are just copies of each other and new ones pop up often.

Interaction can get some money from that if they have copyright of that name… Right?

You mean going Nintendo on them? Just force them to remove it and done, why bothering?

Thanks for the heads-up! :+1:

This is not just a bootleg, it’s a bootleg using the “Chicken Invaders” registered trademark. I’ve submitted a DCMA complaint about this.


You are welcome!

Some of those bootlegs are great.






Who needs beaks when you have cursed mouths?


So, the true is that Chicken Invaders is Chicken Invaders™?! Yolk-Star’s monopoly confirmed.

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It’s actually Chicken InvadersⓇ. It means that it’s a registered trademark and has specific legal meaning (so it can be defended in court, or can be used to take down unauthorized apps using the same name on Google, for example). TM just means “I’m claiming that this name belongs to me” but has no legal meaning.

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That means Yolk star ™ is still empty! TO THE COURT!