A dumb but good (?) idea


The key blaster
This would be the most powerful and expensive weapon in the game



1)can’t be dropped by enemies until you buy it
2)cost 3000 keys
3)damage: 800 per key
4)the keys deals more damage the further they travel (max 1000) the big key (maxed exclusive) deal from 1000 to 1300 damage
5)keys are even slower than neutron gun bullets
6)overheat is very similar to riddler’s


yea, really dumb but isn’t good


So… forks but worse?
Oh, and

this is not conſiſtent with



better IA should add golden forks


Fixed the values


Your initial aſſeſſment is ſtill pretty accurate. You can buff the forks as much as you want, but if you have to ſtop firing every few ſeconds do to overheat, the weapon will be pretty much uſeleſs at killing waves with lots of chickens. At the end of the day, I don’t think it’s worth tryïng to improve this idea, I’m afraid. It’d be better to ſtart afreſh.


Well… manual fire is a thing


If the overheat is similar to laser cannon’s overheat,then I’m pretty sure that manual fire will overheat very quickly.


…Until you overheat.


Are you happy now?
Now is really stronger


That’s not neceſſarily a good thing. If there’s a problem with the forks, they ſhould be buffed, inſtead of creäting ſomething ſtronger. I think it’s fine how it is, though, “it” beïng the current weapon ſituätion.


Sincerally I created the topic for joking about a dumb idea (that’s why is off topic)
But I failed


Oh. Sorry, I didn’t realiſe that.




It costs so much, and, in CIU the weapons can not be bought.


You must be also joking.



How about, the key gun is unlocked once you kill a single enemy with the key gun. Simple! You still don’t get the presents until you unlock it, but it should be easy!!!


So, we need to cheat key gun to get it? Like it will be a weapon only for cheaters?


Maybe you ſhould have to pay for each key you ſhoot! :smiley:


Not so bad idea. We can lose keys when we shoot with it.