A Discord official sever suggetstion


I have an idea. Why don’t we create an official CIU community sever ? We can add more and more members in there !
I hope @InterAction_studios agree with my idea…
And I’m Nguyet - the new member in CIU forum. I just want to say “Hello everyone !”


Hello there


Good day, my friend


I think that’s not what exactly IA wants.
They probably don’t want to mess around with a lot of members.


a discord for CI exists, but it’s unofficial


Damn straight, and it’s mine

pls join


Not defenſive about it or anything, are we?


I love our unofficial discord. We would like to see new peoples. At least I would.


If we have an official server, we can add more category and channels. Eg. : Challenges, CIU update news, fanart, and lots more


But we can have all this here and on the discord. Why? Also update news gives us IA themselves already.


@minhnguyet Hello there. I hope you a great time.