A crazy idea

my crazy idea is a yearly challenge . this challenge releases on game birthday and the number of waves of it is 500 or 1000 waves! OMG. anyway this challenge will include all kind of waves . i know it is a crazy idea because the number of waves


Wow so over 7 hours to complete it? I disagree, Besides, something similar has been suggested before already


Please no.

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i know it is crazy it possible make it 250 waves

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okay thanks

thanks for help mark

Even the monthly challenge is not accepted because it is too long, I think the Weekly Challenge is good enough, we don’t need any longer challenges.


Exactly, that’s the point.

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okay i agree

A very ambitious idea, but we already have 120 Anniversary.

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oh but 10 waves repeats 12 times

I know, others have already explained to you.

i know bro

I just mentioned the anniversary.

okay dude

Just remember to think carefully before posting an idea.

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lol okay mina

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how about hourly challenge?

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How about minutely challenge?


Do you want a notification of a new challenge every minute?