A couple suggestions

I’ve played this game for a while (and I must say I really enjoy it :>) and gotten some ideas that I decided to share with you guys.

  • In the galaxy map, the top right bit of the HUD (the bit that shows score and keys, fuel etc.) as well as the big “EARLY ACCESS” gray bit should be slightly transparent. The rest of the HUD buttons are and I don’t understand why these are not, especially since they take up more space. At times they can cover some stars you might want to get to (mainly at the top of the galaxy) and make it harder to move around. I noticed you can click through them so it’s just a visibility problem.

-While we’re on the top right bit of the HUD, I believe It would be a nice feature if hovering your cursor over the number of keys/food/fuel you have would show the exact number (for example, if you it shows 9.7K keys and you hover over that, there could be a pop up with 9 745 written on it).

-Another useful feature would be the ability to locate where a mission comes from in your list of favorite/played missions. Perhaps have an extra button in the mission info screen that would take your camera to the planet where you can find that mission.

-Speaking of localization, I think it would be nice to have some sort of a “search bar” where you could search Stars (probably the ones you visited) by their name.

-Another fun mission button would be a “Leaderboards” button that could show the best 5-10 scores/times on each mission.

-While exploring I found myself having lots of messages with “exploration rewards” that I would have to click individually to make the notification go away. I suggest a “Mark all read button”

-Speaking of messages, maybe in the future we could send messages to our contacts or even any other player we find in the galaxy?

-The other games had the hero saying a couple words before fighting a boss. I miss that and think it would be nice to see him speak (at least) before the bosses again.

-You can equip multiple different special weapons during a mission but to my knowledge there’s no way to pick which one to use. If I have missiles and damage amplifiers equipped I need to use all my missiles before I can use my damage amplifier. Would be nice to have perhaps the scroll wheel or just another keyboard button be able to cycle between which special weapon we use.

-Now I know the planets’ information are not supposed to be realistic but I must say it really bothers me to see a clearly vertically spinning planet with an axial tilt of 3.2 degrees. It should be much closer to 90 degrees.


Yes, good. Some people want to hide the Early Access watermark but I think it needs to stay there - this fixes both issues.

Yes yes yes

I was actually thinking of suggesting this yesterday - you beat me to it, well done :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe? I don’t feel this is super necessary - it’s pretty easy to find them when you have names enabled.

OOH yes please

Already Suggested, but still needed

Also probably suggested.

I’d like to see the speech bubbles return in some way as well - currently the only one in game exists at the beginning of Space Race (and the formating is less nice than previous games for some reason).

Might mess with the simplicity of the control scheme, but given that they are fired with middle mouse (pushing the scroll wheel) this makes tons of sense to me.

I don’t pay tons of attention to these details but that’s a pretty fair point. :joy:


Yeah,and some of the planets are actually more massive than stars.

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There’s one thing however that doesn’t fit in CIU. We don’t play as the hero from CI2, CI3, CI4 and CI5. We play as our own hero so silent type hero is better suited for that as it increases the immersion.

Speaking of planet information. I remember that someone suggested that they could affect gameplay like for example mass affecting your spaceship to move slower, but I can’t find it anywhere.


Yeah, but some way to communicate with these bubbles (be it free typing or, less ideally, pre-bought phrases) in the open world could be really cool.


I see what you mean but I still believe it would be nice to have a bit more dialogue. It doen’t have to be the same as the other games. And as Kylo-Hen said, this new hero already speaks at the beginning of Space Races. So I don’t think he wants to be a silent one.

Maybe we could also have our own custom speech bubbles in the future when we get player to player messaging somehow?


I would love to see speech at start/end of missions.
Just simple things like:

“Chickens incoming!”
“And… done!”
“Oh, come on!”

The engine can support speech bubbles, this means that one day we will see them.
At the moment the game developement must prioritise bug fixes and content


It’s big and bold and ugly, but it needs to be there because:

  • There needs to be a clear indication that this is EARLY ACCESS
  • This region of the screen will eventually be covered by ad banners (which are naturally opaque) on mobile versions.
  • This region of the screen will eventually be covered by a reminder (nag) to purchase a Chicken Hunter License for desktop versions (which don’t have ads).

Having said this, I’ve made it slightly transparent, but bear in mind it will go back to fully opaque sooner or later (at least on some platforms)

Done. :medal_sports: Idea

Good idea, but this HUD is only meant to be an overview. The exact numbers are a click away (the “profile” icon).

This is an old idea. It has finally been added to v.42

Added to v.42
:medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.42
:medal_sports: Bug

Some of your other ideas have merit, but are too complex to implement immediately. Will circle back to them at some point.


First suggestions - gets three idea medals, lol. It can be done.

Well done @robert! Good ideas.


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