A Couple Of Ideas

Hello everyone! So I started playing CIU some time ago, and while I don’t really dislike any of the weapons, but I do have a problem with one weapon.
The Absolver Beam: In my opinion this is the most situational weapon in the game, only being good at taking out enemies who are grouped together and being horrible at taking out enemies that are spread out. Now this weapon can be very good if you are going against armoured chickens or chickenauts since you can one shot them at a pretty early power level with a fully charged shot, but this weapon is bad at pretty much any other situation compared to every other weapon. I think a good way to balance this weapon without completely reworking it is adding some sort of shock wave that extends to the side of the beam. This shock wave would be stronger the more you charge your shot, let’s say it will do about a half of the damage of the beam. More small tweaks could be made to the time it takes to charge a full shot, or the damage of shots who are not charged much, to make it easier to spam in order to kill weaker enemies who are spread out.

Something else I wanna suggest is being able to edit your loadout before entering a mission,or at least the weapon you’re currently using. Since some weapons are better than others in specific situations (like the ion blaster is gonna be good for missions which have a lot of spread out enemies) you’d have to consistently go back to your loadout to change your weapon and while this isn’t a huge problem, it would be VERY convenient if I could just switch weapons when selecting equipment for a mission and even more convenient if you could edit your whole loadout.


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