A change on how spacecraft trails work: Exhaust, streaks and multiplayer/initial shield color

Of course. There is a magical feature called “customize” but it cost keys and the default exhaust color is not match with the default paintjob. So I made this topic for the idea, make the default exhausts, streaks and multiplayer color fits with the spacecraft paintjob

Each spacecraft has its own default shield size and color (straight out from factory)

H&C spacecrafts will have gold and orange exhaust with orange multiplayer and wingstreaks.

BXs will have red-orange and red exhaust, red multiplayer and streaks. Their shield is Extra large compared to other 3.

Müllers have a blue etc. Like the episodes and the in trailer.

Ditto, VFs are purple.

Out of the above, there will be also extra initial exhaust color selection when you are buying a new fleet (inspired by CI4). The initial exhausts will be completely free and purely optional.

Some are not restricted, some are CHL exclusive


Budget constraint exclusive: spacecrafts could select a random exhaust mentioned above.

Sorry for bad formatting. This topic was typed on my secondary phone (main one is being fixed)


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