A Boss Idea For Chicken Invaders Universe (From CI3 Easter)

This guy

Now I’m not just trying to throw in suggestions for no reason just to flood the wiki or anything, the reason why I’m suggesting this is because:

-He was only really a promotional material, he never actually appeared anywhere in the CI3 Easter edition, and got replaced by a generic bunny boss.
-He was only really a character used for promotional materials and of course, never actually appeared in the game
-If chicken invaders 4’s promotional chicken boss could actually be in the game, and could even be it’s own fully fletched out boss in universe (spoiler alerts but yeah he is in universe), maybe there could be a chance for him to be in the game as well? I mean come on, let the chicken shine for once.

How could he attack? Well I wasn’t exactly thinking much about it but here are some of the basic ideas of how he could work, if the ideas sound like shit it’s because of them being basic, or maybe there’s another reason that I didn’t think of:

-He could attack with it’s basic eggs just like any other chicken and the big chickens from CI3 and of course, the superhero looking chicken from CI4, but with a twist, his eggs could be colored into different kinds of colors:
Red being explosive (similar to that switch bomb egg thingy but with actual explosions that have a slightly larger radius);
Green being the poison that shoots at the player in any direction it detects them, average speed and can’t bounce on the screen repeatedly;
Yellow being the sun similar to henterprice only it like scales up enough and then disappears, the range could be of course a bit lower then the explosion for the red egg;
Pink being a laster that shoots vertically on the screen from both sides, but it’s not wide ranged;
Blue being a water laser that is similar to the pink one, only more watery and shoots horizontally instead of vertically

Health: 20K-30K (I have no idea how the health system works in CI so I have no clue if this could be too little or too much, tell me that in the replies if that’s the case)

The screen could of course be zoomed out just like the CI4 easter chicken fight in CIU

Anyways if you guys have better ideas of how he could function, please tell me, sorry if any of the ideas sound like shit, hopefully we get to see him in game one day.

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feather brain started as a super-chick reskin in ci4 while this is just a normal ci3 chicken reskin but without the egg shell at the bottom

for most bosses it goes from 50K at 0% difficulty to 330K at 140%


So he isn’t gonna get added? Well that sucks, feather brain from CI4 managed to at least get an original, decent boss fight while this dude was only used as a scam promotional material because I guess using bunnies wouldn’t work since this is “chicken invaders” and not “rabbit invaders”

But oh well, if feather brain is the closest to having a reskin boss having his own boss fight, then I guess I’ll take it, it’s all up to iA to decide anyway.

It’s not necessarily scam promotional material. Actually, the hatchling in the picture was indeed used in the game, but only with an egg shell, not without it. Add to the fact it was also the first edition to edit voice clips without actually changing the files.

Though it could go well as a minion of Feather Brain, your idea of it being a separate boss isn’t bad.


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