A bit of ideas for planetary missions

I don’t know if the planetary missions are currently in development or not but still

I’ll fire out some of my ideas just to make the development easier or harder idk

Upon starting the mission, you’ll start descending from space to planet and start moving slowly through the whole mission (including bosses)


Alien planet will have a random colored surface with clouds if it’s possible

Terran planet will have green, rivers, maybe ocean and clouds

Barren rock/artificial moon will have moon surface

Frozen Wasteland will have a blizzard and ice surface

Gas giant will have just somewhat like alien planet and smokey

Inferno will have scorching hot and lava surface and your screen will have the “heat mirage” thingy

Sun just like inferno planet but just bright surface

Game mechanics:

Waves: there will be 5 waves for minimum and 20 waves for maximum

if the mission have more than 10 waves then there will be a mid boss and it’ll not change the music (only the final boss changes)

Right after finish a wave will instantly start the next wave

Waves will not show what wave is it and the chickens spawning will be absolutely random and it could spawn in these formations:

  • Top to bottom
  • Left to right and right to left
  • Curvy
  • Three by three formation
  • Reinforcements formation
  • A random strong chicken comes in attack and escape
  • A Gatling chick
  • Chicken interception formation
  • Chicken interleaving
  • Asteroids
  • Random lightning strikes (only in electric plantets)

There more the difficulty, the more chickens in the wave will spawn

If you’re successfully completed the mission, the text will say “Captured and Secured!” instead of “Mission Complete!”
There we go, like that and it’ll probably make your development easier…or harder idk

You members should suggest your ideas too


My idea, there will be 3 types of planetary mission:

  1. Into planet, the mission starts from outer atmosphere. Your spaceship will be facing downside. Like in CI5 mission 11, the background gradually changes depending on the environment of the planet. The boss will appear when you reach the ground (not for gas planet)

  2. On planet, you’re observing surface of the planet. It means you will see ocean, ground, lava, mountain, volcano, glacier, etc depends on the environment. Some planets may be smooth or rough. And you’re facing sideway like in Eta Astropeleceae.

  3. Inside the planet, for solid planet only. Observe those caverns or rooms if it’s in artificial planets.


Chapter 11, not mission

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