5 tips how to learn The Yolk star!

First tip is Never panic If you panic it will make you die
Second tip Never shoot at the boss on the barrier or the chicken will come out and kill you
third tip Don’t Rush For Power ups if you rush your gona run into the lasers
Fourth tip If you have flamethrower Don’t try Deleting his attacks
and The last Tip is If theres alot of Chickens Try Avoiding Them and then Shooting them

Tell me if this Helped!


You mean its cannon?

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Thanks, it helped a lot


you know the invis wall when its zoomed in

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There is no invisible wall at any boss. You probably mean the main hit circle which is a bit inaccurate to how Yolk-Star™ looks like. You can’t avoid damaging it any way because this is the only way to destroy the shell.



He probably thought of edge of the monitor, I think :sweat_smile:

yeah, it’s just a bit inaccurate

It spans 6000 pixels in diameter (when the native resolution is 1920x1080), so it wouldn’t even fit on a 3x zoomed out screen

by the way, it was only 3000 px in CI3


Of course it is >:U

Here is how to beat yolk-star

  1. Avoid lasers
  2. Manipulate the terminators
  3. Fuck the toxics
  4. Fuck slobs
  5. If all above does not help, use your special
  6. If the 5 does not help, scream

WOw It HeLp mE A lOt. THaNkS :3

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wow why i no think of do this /s


These tips helped me very much. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the 6 does not help, surrender. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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