🥳 3rd anniversary multiplayer party (15 December 2021)

me parece interesante

Dammit, I have to move to a place with symmetric NAT internet without any access to the router for a few days, possibly including Wednesday.

Hope it doesn’t interfere with my class

who would play a game where everyone in there just spam amogus

This will gonna be epik

Youtuber Chicken Invaders Universe…Hand up


I recently became one, but soon i will revert back to the old content once the problems are solved.But i will try recording this Epic event

Do you join IA room on Wednesday ???


I guess so

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we do not know

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Me casually posting like 5 vids and still called myself a ciu youtuber

Merry christmas

Merry Chirstmas :evergreen_tree:

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yea, it’s midnight in Viet Nam

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3am is gonna be…

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99 is a nice number so I think early access v99 will have mobile ver

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Mobile version will release once the game is complete. it is easier to implement that way, otherwise, IA have to monitor to versions at the same time.

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I think that would depend on whether its suitable to have it now or not, main thing still has a lot of stuffs need fixing

Watch your mouth

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What if no?

how about a no for you?