3 new difficulty

Solar System’s Ambassador: Add 60% to the mission hardness
Galaxy Gladiator: Add 80% to the mission hardness
Lord Of The Universe: Add 100% mission hardness.

Not for noobs or those with slow hand that cannot dodge boolets. Boss attacks are randomized instead of following a pattern in Galaxy Gladiator and Lord Of The Universe.

SSA desc: You’re a man from the sun god himself, or should I say… the sun’s right hand man?
GG desc: You have been living in space for very long time, so long… that you have experienced the essences of the galaxies…
LOTU desc: You’re really the Lord Of The Universes, no forces shall stop you… even the Henpire! Can you harness the power of being the dominant species on the universe…?


Are you a machine of ideas?


1 Word Only: No.

Yes, ze am.

Does these actually add projectile speed up to 60% or more?

No, because it will make gameplay nearly impossible to complete

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