2x multipler but it's improved

Sorry about last week I said if you take a 2x multipler it well help you to reach much of food but I will try to improve my spell

To be honest, double multiplier would be a bad idea for me actually. It would make the game way too easy

Hello not I I don’t want this game too easy I want take a medal once

Please stop to say this idea are bad please

If you do not correct your behaviour, this forum, as well as the internet, is no place for you. Stop saying it’s a bad a idea? If it’s bad, it’s bad, nothing to say. Also, you litteralty proposed something to make the game easier.

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Max, I would be honest with you, if you want to get a medal, you have to think of something more creative, and make something great for the game.

The multiplier idea is good from you, but I think it will make the game too easy, therefore, the game will be bland for not challenging enough

Okey I will think about all of my mind

But can we to stop

You can always edit your old post and self-reply to bump it back up instead of creating a duplicate topic.

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thank you

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I’m new with CIU.

what is exactly “2x multipler” ?
And how can i get it ??

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This is an idea. You can’t get this unless it gets added.

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Thanks mate


That’s rich. Seriöuſly, before poſting ſomething like this, ſtop, pauſe, and delete it.

That beïng ſaid, ShardNguyen is expreſſing an opiniön. This is a ſite for diſcuſſing and debating ideas, and by poſting an idea, you are ſubmitting it for peer review, which is ſometimes (nay, often) negative. Sure, ſome people might ſuggeſt an improvement on an idea, but others may not ſee the need, and indeed ſome ideas are beyond improvement.

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Can you improve your word we can’t speak what did you say

It mean if you get 1 food you will reach 2 foods

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No, not him. YOU need to improve your English

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Did you speak what did he say no me he improved

I don’t understand, improve your English

I understand what you say, but you are totally wrong. It’s: Do you know what he says? It’s not me, he has to improve.
That’s what i’m getting.