10 Things That make no sense in CIU #1

Hi guys i got bored on this forum so i decided to make a Topic Series of things that make no sense in CIU! hope you enjoy!

1.How does the spaceship be very fast?
No, i know that if you move your mouse at the speed of the light your spaceship will go drugs. I know that. but sometimes… IT MAKES NO SENSE.

2.How do the chickens breathe in space?
This is the question i have been asking myself for a long time. Look, We can’t breathe in the space. There is no oxygen. Chickens also can’t. What kind of logic is that? and if we are with the chickens then…

3.How in the world can a SMALL CHICK or an EGG or poo of chick destroy the spaceship?
If my spaceship would get hit by a chick or egg or maybe poo it would just leave a scratch. Not just do kaboom out of nowhere.

4.how in an entire space are coins and food falling without gravity?
Listen i know this is just a game… but HOW?! in eggshell fields the coins are not affected by
gravity. so HOW?! someone needs to explain it because i may be on drugs.

5.How can chickens survive explosions, plasmas and lightnings?
If i got struck by lightning, get hit from plasma or an explosion would hit me then 3 seconds after i would see the god. like NO. What holy water did you chickens drink? i will need some of it for my future topics.

6.How in the chicken multiplity the chickens get out of a chicken when they died?
So… im guessing that the big chicken was pregnant with smaller chickens which were pregnant with even smaller chickens and they also were pregnant with EVEN SMALLER CHICKENS which ALSO WERE PREGNANT WITH THOSE CHICKENS? and those chickens were pregnant with just chicks? what in the world.

7.How come in a present there’s a plasma or lightning?
The present is made using a box. the present should break just while falling, not just felll 100000 km and be fine. and if we are with presents then…

8.How can poo destroy the spaceship and presents don’t?
The presents are heavier than a poo! what is going on here? what did you chicks got in that poo? poison? dynamite? i don’t really know!

9.How can just a lightning fryer with 0 fp destroy THE ENTIRE WARSHIP?
if i tried that the warship would just get a scratch and that’s all. i don’t know what the warship is made of. and i don’t wanna know.

And finally 10. how can a barrier just float in one position in space?
If i would place a barrier in space it would just flew away. where’s the logic in that? what this barrier has inside? obsidian? bedrock?

And im finally done with that topic. i know it’s just a game. a game with nonsense things. post your ideas in the posts and i will do a part 2!


It’s not supposed to make sense :v


I know, it’s just topic series i will make when im bored


This is my headcanon but have you ever heard about DNA manipulation?


Especially after that asteroid hit your ship on CI3 in the cutscene.


I think it’s supposed.

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You can’t be serious now



Here’s another: why does another ſpaceſhip appear after you die?

I think this ſhould be ſolved by making it ſo that dyïng cauſes the ſcreen to go black for 5 ſeconds, then the game to uninſtall from your computer, and it ſhould be ſet up ſo you can’t reïnſtall it.

  1. Well, this IS the not-too-distant future. Technology gradually evolves every year.

  2. Their technology is INFINITELY more advanced than that of the human race. OF COURSE they’ll find a way to breathe in space.

  3. I’d say surgical military equipment applied to infantry units. Bombs galore.

  4. That’s just a gameplay mechanic. Realistically… I got nothing.

  5. I’d say they build a certain resistance to the first one or two hits, THEN they go up in flames.

  6. NO idea. But it’s definitely my favorite boss in the series.

  7. I imagine the presents as weaponry upgrades collected from the scraps of the Henpire’s infantry.

  8. Again, upgrades and explosives.

  9. I dunno. Maybe the Henpire’s vehicles just need one specific part of the ship to blow up before starting a chain reaction of critical damage throughout the system.

  10. Remote controlled barriers?


Metal corrosion,maybe?Once you’ve got a small leak everything just blows up due to internal pressure.So,yeah,kinda possible.

The most famous of them all:



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