10 sec timer

Image if you accidentally clicked once again ( or your mouse double clicked for some reason ) on an expensive item like more than 1K keys. :skull:
You can sell it but the price would not be the same.

So that’s why it should be compulsory for items above 500keys to have a warning pop-up and a 10 sec timer . unless you’ll not able to press 'OK".


Not really. Why would you ever accidentally double click? Its price is already clearly shown before you click on it. If you don’t want to buy it, then you probably don’t click on it even once.


10 second timer for buying expensive items is ridiculous.

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my old mouse was broken and it sometimes click twice


Doesn’t happen to me usually.

No. Just no.

OKay, lol.

I will admit that this has happened to me a few times, but mostly because it was an upgradeable item and i assumed spam clicking would automatically level up said item

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I also have an old mouse that double-click even when I just click once
maybe just 5sec or 3 sec

Guys, just because you have mouse issue it’s not a reason to make the annoying pause for everyone. Fix your mouse.


1 second at worst, or a separate message like in missions where you can only fly once. But I think even that is not necessary because when I said “Why would you ever accidentally double click?” I mean that you can never accidentally double click on its own, the only way to make this mistake is you have clicked once and accidentally click too fast, maybe because of sleight of hand or mouse issues.


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