1 out of 20


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Don’t create too much post in one day, dude


You could have said this in your “find all wormholes” thread instead of creating another one for it. This just wastes space.


No! That was not more post yet!
I Flagged you!


That’s not really an issue here. The issue is when people post pointless topics.


I just advice you


WHY did you flag my post?!


I was trying to find 20 wormhole and I found 1 wormhole
then why?!


You read my first reply to this,right? If you just ignored it,of course you wouldn’t know why it got flagged.


This is not related to early access category and this topic is totally pointless. What will happen if you will found all wormolholes? @xdtruedame is right. Please change category to off-topic.


He will create a topic for every wormhole he find :wink:


Good luck @Travisdaman