1 Life Boss Rush completed

Sorry for low quality. I will redo challenge with higher video quality.

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You should mark all public videos as EARLY ACCESS, as per the terms you agreed to when starting the game.

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While on this topic, I’ve been marking mine with it always. But would making a short meme video (<30 sec) require the Early Access mark? Just for future refrence.


Just put [EA] like Early Access, I think this is enough.

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Thumbs down because not all people will get that EA stands for Early Access.


Ok, maybe EA is bad example :sweat_smile:. I thought about description but there are a lot of people who don’t read it. Maybe [In Dev.]?

“Early Access” is the only acceptable text. It must always appear somewhere in the video title. It makes no difference if the video is 3 seconds or 3 hours.


@InterAction_studios I have a question: If I write in the title “accesso anticipato” is still acceptable? (Accesso anticipato= early access in italian)

I’ll tell you now. No.

Only wanted to be sure

You could write both. Or put “acceſſo anticipato” in the deſcription if you have one (and keep “EARLY ACCESS” in the title).