1 additional satellite slot for each spaceship

i just thought this idea hope IA will add v124 version soon which is add 1 satellite slot per ship that game experience will be better H&C=2-3-4 Mullers=3-4-5 Bomber=4-5-6 Superiority=5-6-7 and hard point as well as other points should IA add 2 per ship point (except satellite slot ) so players can have a better experience the reason I am writing this post is because I want m404 to add 1 more satellite slot so I encourage so hope IA will add v125 version soon

Use something else.




You can unlock more Hardpoint slots if you have a CHL. I honestly think you’re making these ideas in the first place is because you are poor in the game and don’t have ways to earn keys.

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I don’t know what causes you to be very anxious and keen about this thing. Satellites slots have been a fine thing since its creation.

If people around you have a disagreeing point about this. Consider it. If you are willing to get a idea medal in the least. Then try suggesting a better and productive idea.


no i just want to help players have a better experience

Too much satellite slots will have a serious affect on multiplayer (especially their vision after firing like 6 of them)

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and how exactly does this make someone’s experience better


Personally I never use satellites in missions, not even those given to me in waves. It really messes my coordination up.
If you want more satellites, you can always get a better spacecraft. There’s no need for so many slots on spaceships.

Huh? A license doesn’t give you more satellite slots.

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How does a license help?

My bad. With how someone else worded their response I thought a licensed gives you more satellite slots.

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